Running Log Week March 13th

Running Log Week March 13th

Finally we’re having a bit of a cool down here in South Florida. If you get up early enough you can actually catch temps in the lower 50s. Even though I have been craving this type of running weather for a while, I have to admit it was a bit of a shock to my system at first…but then it felt heavenly!!

Running in the lower 50s allowed me to run over a minute faster per mile. For the last couple of months I haven’t seen many runs under 9:00, while the heat and humidity were through the roof on most days. It’s actually the lack of humidity that feels the best right now.

It feels like my lungs are finally open up after a long long 9 month break…

My foot pain definitely benefited from the 2 week break while I was traveling. After this week of consisted running, my foot is started to ache a bit more again though… I might have ran a bit too much on it – but who can resist this awesome running weather?

Another thing I noticed while I was not running for 2 weeks (btw I haven’t had a 2 week break from running for the last 3 1/2 years), I lost 4 pounds on the scale!

I was eating the same amount of food while I was abroad, and actually treated myself to goodies I usually don’t indulge in and I still lost this many pounds on the scale when I got back. It just shows you  how much water and glycogen your muscles store when you run on regular basis! Now, a week later, after running consistently I have gained 2 pounds back so far…this just adds more to the discussion about running and weight loss!!

I decided to switch back to New Balance Running shoes. For many years I used to run in the NB 1260, but since becoming a mom I don’t like splurging in expensive, overpriced running gear anymore.When it comes to running shoes though, this might not have been such a smart idea, as I have learned the hard way… More gel and more foam padding in your soles means more protection for your feet in the long run. I ran all of last Summer in thin padded stylish running shoes and I believe that this lead to my metatarsal foot pain. For occasional runs these type of shoes are fine, but not when you’re pounding the pavement 5-6 times per week you’re in trouble…

So yes, I was pretty happy when my New Balance !260 arrived by the door!!


Another thing that made me happy this week…

Running in my Under Armour Cold Gear – just when I thought I will never wear my cold gear ever again in my life, the temps started dropping. Yes, the lower 50s felt freezing! I’m officially Floridian:)

My Spi Belt Running Belt – fits tight and snug during my runs – love it!


I bought some awesome plants at John McArthur State Park shop this week for $3 a piece, can you believe it?


Here is what I ran this week:

Monday: Never skip a Monday! My second run since getting back and it felt a.w.e.s.o.m.e.! 5 Mile in. I decided to plank it out after my runs now, even when I’m still outside. That way I don’t forget about it later on in the day…:)

Tuesday: No Running

Wednesday: 3mile run around my community

Thursday: 6 Miles around my neighborhood. It was in the lower 50s. My best pace is a long time – 8:52 for 6 miles. Let’s hope this weather stays around a bit longer..

Friday: No running

Saturday: 7 Mile run. I had no plan for mileage for this run but I was happy when I finished at 7 miles

Sunday: Yes, my foot needed a break after yesterday’s 7 Miler! Happy Sunday!

Total weekly mileage: 21 Miles


How was your running week?


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  1. I need to get one of those running belts! They seem so handy!

  2. Lower 50’s is perfect weather for running! I thought it was funny you pulled out the winter gear for that. We would be in short sleeves!

  3. I think low 50s is the perfect temperature for running any time of the year! It beats running in 10 degree weather or 80 degree weather in my book 🙂

  4. Way to go this week! Love that price on those plants too! What a steal!

  5. I’d love 50’s weather right now! Wisconsin weather can be brutal. I’m glad you were able to take a break and let your foot heal. Good shoes are important!

  6. so happy to hear you are back to running and hopefully healing. we have 80 degree weather now and im loving it.

  7. Love those new Nikes!!They look super comfy too

  8. Sounds like another great week. Love those new shoes!!
    And I am so loving this cool but not to cool weather we are having here in Florida!!

  9. Sounds like you’ve had a good week! It’s good that you’ve gave your ankle a good rest. I also love that energetic feeling when getting back on track after some time off. And thanks for the information about choosing running shoes!

  10. I’m so happy you’re back to running. Gotta love those a.w.e.s.o.m.e. runs.

  11. Congrats on getting back to running. And it looks like you’ve had an awesome week of running too! But sure be more careful to avoid injuries in the future, though sometimes a good rest is really needed. Anyways I hope you’ve been having a great week so far!

  12. Ilka you had a great week! You crack me up in your Cold Gear. That’s short sleeve weather for us here in Chicago. 😀 I hope your feet feel great in the New NB shoes. They sure are pretty!

  13. I am happy that you had a good week. Thanks for the recommendation about choosing shoes. Can’t wait to see your next challenge.

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