It has been one hot week and there is no cooling down in sight. The temperatures here in Palm Beach are in the 90s and on most afternoons it feels like 100 plus.

Pretty much the perfect running conditions.

Just kidding.

Add all the moisture to the mix and running pretty much becomes an impossible task.

At least any runs longer than 3 miles.

The humidity is quite high already in the early morning hours. Some mornings feel like I’m running in the rain forest.

No kidding.

Since my leg has been starting to feel better I have been thinking about signing up for a Fall Marathon. The only thing that keeps from running one is training throughout the hot temps this Summer. I learned from last year, when training for the NYC Marathon that there really was no cool down happening temperature-wise until November here in South Florida. So I’m still debating whether I should sign up for this year’s West Palm Beach Marathon or not. I like the idea of running a local marathon. I just don’t want to travel far with the entire family. My last two Marathons involved so much traveling that I was exhausted by the time I showed up at the starting line.

Throughout the next 2 weeks I will need to decide if I want to run another marathon this year or not. It’s just the crazy humidity that keeps me from making a decision!

Ok. So here is how last week’s running went:

Monday: It was 4th of July. When I woke up in the morning I just didn’t feel like running. The heat index was already very hot and I didn’t feel like driving my car to the gym to run on the treadmill. So I decided to just walk 3miles in the neighborhood. My muscles still felt tired from the 10 Miler on Saturday anyway and the walking actually felt pretty good. It was a great way to losen up my muscles.

While I was walking in the hot steamy air I actually thought about how much easier it is to run 3 miles along this course rather than walking it. When I used to live in NYC I was walking everywhere and 3 miles with an incredible scenery felt like a piece of cake. Walking along a street that has nothing to offer besides a long fence and grass is a different story. It does get kind of dull after a while. As a runner I can bear the most boring path, I pretty much really don’t care, but walking that same path requires a different kind of mental endurance. Am I right?


Running Log Week July 4th


Runnin Log Week July 4th


Running Log July 4th

The boys got to pet the cutest puppy!


Runnin Log Week July 4th


Anyway, when I got home we spend most of the day at the pool with the kids and later on headed over to Jupiter to watch the fireworks. It was pretty much a perfect day. Loved it.


Tuesday: 1 hour of Organic Yoga Flow at my gym. Felt amazing!


Wednesday: I know I sound like a broken record but it was just too humid for a 6 Miler outdoors. Even at 8 am. I headed for the treadmill instead and ran 6 miles indoors. So thankful for air conditioning!


Thursday: 4 miles outside in the early evening. I didn’t have time earlier in the day so I went for an easy run around my neighborhood later on. I remember how super slow my pace was. It was still in the mid 80s early in the evening. The good thing about a slow evening run is that I’m able to sleep afterwards. If I put a lot of effort in a late night run my sleep feels terrible. I keep waking up every hour. It always feels like my body is still running and can’t calm down.


Friday: I almost don’t remember anything about this run. Does this ever happen to you? I wrote it down in my log, otherwise I would have probably forgotten about it.

5 miles done.


Saturday: No Running


Sunday: I headed out very early to beat the heat. It was a great 5 Miler. It was hot but the humidity was still bearable. I love early morning runs like this. The world is so peaceful. Those are my happiest moments as a runner. Runs that actually give you time for reflection.



Running Log Week July 4th


Total Mileage for this week: 17 Miles

This has been a pretty low mileage week. It wasn’t easy to fit in any proper running, but that’s okay. That’s life, and then Summer:)


How is your Summer training?





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