This week has been really hard for running here in Palm Beach. The heat is blasting. I skipped my long run short on Sunday because it was hard to breath through the moist and thick air. 2 more months to go and hopefully it will cool down a bit again.

Last year it didn’t cool down until November – I was impatiently waiting from September 1st for cooler temps but it so wasn’t happening.

At least runners further Up North will soon get to run is awesome and almost perfect temps!

I had to switch it up with some treadmill runs this week. I was really happy I have re-discovered the rowing machine at the gym.

After rowing 1000 m this week 2 x this week though Ā I barely was able to get out of bed the next morning. Everything felt soar ! Abs, glutes, triceps and hamstrings.

1000 m wasn’t much but after a 6 mile run this is all I had in me. At least this week. Hopefully I can stick with it and get stronger.


Running Log Week August 15th



My trainer in NYC always insisted on using the rowing machine. He always emphasized that it gives you such a great overall workout. After stopping using it for a few years I totally forgot how hard it is row and how effectively it works certain muscle groups. And I do love that it gives you an upper body workout at the same time.


This is how my week went:

Monday : 4 miles outside early i the morning. Slow and easy. Yes, it was hot! šŸ™‚


Weekly Running Log August 15th


Tuesday: I found my way back to the gym. I wasn’t able to run very early so I went for a run after I dropped off my kids at school. After stepping out I realized that it was way too humid to squeeze out any decent mileage, so I took my car keys and headed over to the gym for 6 miles on the treadmill. Let me tell you , I think I mentioned this before, the worst about running at the gym is going back in my car to drive back home. I can’t stand sitting down after an hour long run. Do you feel the same way? I fret it before I get into the car! Ā I would have loved to walk, but right now the sun is so strong that i would have been done by the time I reached the entrance door of the gym – and super dehydrated. So no, right now I have to drive – if I like it or not.

Plus 1000 meter rowing.

Running Log Week August 15th


Wednesday: No Running. We had a little trip to the outdoor mall.


Running Log Week August 15th


Thursday: No Running. Can’t tell you how badly I wanted to go for a run – but I was just too busy. So many things needed to get done.

Friday: 6 miles outside. Yes, it was hot, about 86 degrees. But I got it done – what a glorious feeling!


Weekly Running Log August 15th


Saturday: No Running

Sunday: 6 miles on the treadmill plus Yoga Flow for 1.5 hours. This was one great morning I felt so rejuvenated for the rest of the say! šŸ™‚


Total Mileage for this week: 24 miles, plus rowing and Yoga.Ā 


BTW for the front cover post I used my 3 year old David’s canvas painting of the Ocean for the base of this cover. Isn’t it so sweet?

I just love how it flows~


How was your week?


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