Running Log  5/25 – 5/31

It wasn’t a great week for getting good mileage, but joining my first running group this week definitely my running highlight for this week, adding more quality to my usual running routine.

Here is my Running Log  5/25 – 5/31

Monday ( 5/25) : I took the day off. I ran 6 miles the day before and needed the rest.
Tuesday: (5/26): 3 miles with Fl Funrunners. That was fun indeed! 3 miles consisting off speed and hill training. Felt awesome! Being a part of such great group of people is very motivating and inspiring. I know, by myself I most likely would have skipped such an intense workout like this one.
Wednesday (5/27): no running
Thursday (5/28): 6 miles on treadmill in the afternoon. By the time Jim came home in the afternoon to watch the kids, the Florida sun was blazing. Treadmill was the way to go!
Friday (5/29): no running
Saturday (5/30): 6 miles on treadmill for the same reason as Thursday. I think I will look at a lot of treadmill runs this summer!
Sunday (5/31): no running. I was planning to run a 5 miler, but I had to skip this one because I was way to busy to fit it in. Sometimes accepting the fact that you can’t run is harder that the run itself. Can you guys relate?

Weekly total: 15 miles

It really should have been 20 miles in total, but hey, it’s okay. It happens. This week will be better. Happy Monday!