It has been 3 weeks since I ran the Disney Marathon. Sometimes it seems longer. Like with all things that you love and miss, time seems longer. Between training for the NYC Marathon and training for the Disney Marathon in Orlando I had been in Marathon Training for 6 months straight. Once training had stopped I almost didn’t know what to do with myself in terms of running. I remember during the week of tapering for Disney how much I was looking forward to running without a schedule. And I did.

I was back to running 4 days after the Marathon and it felt amazing. The second and third run I appreciated my new found freedom, too. But then I started missing being involved in a training schedule and knowing in the back of my mind that I have a goal to work on.

That’s the #1 thing I love most about running a Marathon. The training itself. Knowing that I have to hit such and such goals by the end of  the week. Tweaking my schedule back and forth just to fit in that one long run. I always knew, even when I trained for my first one a couple of years ago, that my running journey would never end after crossing the finishing line. As a matter of fact, I saw it as a new beginning, and that I was on the right path. I knew when I finish that Marathon there was no going back anymore.  Running gave me more than it took. Everything I put in, came out. For the first time.

Since running  my first Marathon in 2009 I learned to really appreciate what  structure and discipline means in my life. I believe that discipline gives you the greatest freedom. No matter how much life nips you in the butt, if you have your discipline to fall back on, you’re okay. Pure Empowerment. I love that.

That’s what I have been missing right now. A training schedule. I feel like I’m hangin’ in the air a bit. I never really liked that feeling. I love being productive.

I’m not going to sign up for a Marathon any time soon. I think my body can use a break from 2 marathons in a row, 2 months apart. I want to run another one in November or December. Most likely the West Palm Beach Marathon, because it’s almost local for me. My 5 year old son wants me to run a Star Wars Marathon in Disney in January, so I might even run that one, too. That would mean 2 Marathons in a row again, 2 months apart. But hey, why not? It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

I remember at the 18 mile Mark at the Disney Marathon, saying to myself “next time I’ll run a shorter distance. Anything,….. just not 26.2 miles anymore”. I always say that to myself in the last few miles:):)  So that’s what I will be doing this Spring. I will be signing up for shorter distances. I could use the speed work anyway. There is always room for improvement in life.

I also want to meet up with my local Running Club “Fun Runners” again. During the last months of my training I haven’t met up with them because the group meets at night, and during Marathon training I was just too tired for late night speed work drills or longer distances. Plus soon it will be lighter outside longer. But if I want to improve my times I need the inspiration and the motivation that comes from running with other people, otherwise I just fall into my own trot during my own runs. I need to push more a bit more beyond my comfort zone.

Soon the cooler temperatures will be over here in Palm Beach. During the day we’re already in the mid 80s again, but Boy did I enjoy the last 3 weeks of breezy weather in the 50s.  It was The. Perfect. Running. Weather. Now I will be looking forward again to running 9 months in heat!


Juno Beach, FL

Juno Beach, FL My favorite running course, especially lately when the temperatures have dropped a bit. The breeze from the Atlantic feels awesome.


I still managed to do 26 miles every week for the last two weeks and I do strength training for my upper body. I have been starting to practice Yoga for Runners.

I have to say it feels awesome. My poses are not Instagram worthy yet like Wendy’s from Taking the Long Way Home but it sure feels great.

Another great and awesome thing is that my kids join me during my night runs. Even my 2 1/2 year old tries hard for a short distance! My 5 year old son John is running the last mile with me, he’s doing great and I’m looking forward to watch him at the kids’ races in the Spring.

Mommy SuperHero

Me and John taking a selfie after our run. Love running with him, he teaches me so much about how not to give up even when you’re feeling weak. He doesn’t often feel like running at first, but then he does it and pushes through. I love that. The other pic is taken by John who will only take pictures of me if I don’t just “stand there”. “Mommy do something, pretend you just won that Race!”or “Pretend you’re really strong!”. So there you have it. Mommy Strong! 🙂


David and me

David and me


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