Puzzles teach kids fine motor-skills, hand- eye concentration, problem-solving and close observation. I started both my kids as young as 24 months with puzzles and slowly over the years carefully increase the number of pieces. Some of the puzzles here I photographed are our own.

Crocodile Creek 12 Piece Puzzles
Crocodile Creek is one of the best puzzle brands on the market and a favorite in our house. They are high in quality, available in different sizes for kids 3 years and up. The images are imaginative, simple, modern and beautifully illustrated. I love the fact that Crocodile Creek products conform to all appropriate safety standards. I personally love their high quality sturdy boxes which over the years have gone through a lot of wear and tear but still look “pretty” on the shelf. Made in the USA.

Djeco Primo Puzzles
This puzzle box was one of the first puzzles I bought for my older son a few years ago when he turned 2 years old, and my little one is now enjoying them just as much at the same age.
This puzzle box consists of 3,4,5 and 6 piece shaped puzzles. The illustrations are fun and engaging. My kids kept coming back for these puzzles for quite some time now.

Haba Puzzles for Little Hands

These puzzles are such fun! They increase in level difficulty from 2-4 pieces. Perfect for little beginners! These award- winning sets are very high in quality and safety. Made in Germany.

eeboo Picture Puzzles

eeboo Picture Puzzles

Another award-winning brand. The designs are absolutely divine and nice to look at. I personally love all their products (puzzles, memory games story cards and games). This box consists of 6 designs for children 3 years and older. Each puzzle consists of 9 pieces. The pieces are durable and good quality.