Back in high school I was introduced to photo transfer in art class. It was part of the introduction to Photorealism, an American Art Movement that took place in the late 1960s.

Pop Art and Photorealism were both movements which originated from using photographs and turning them into art.

I remember our teacher teaching us the simple and creative process of photo transferring. I loved the used and vintage appeal a picture got after it was transferred to a canvas using Mod Podge.

This photo transfer technique is real easy. The supply list is short and the instructions are uncomplicated and the results are amazing!



Photo Transfer





  • Small canvas ( or really any size – it doesn’t matter, you can make your pic any size you want)


  • Photocopy of the picture you want to be transferred, never use an actual photograph though!


  • Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium


  • Scissors


  • Sponge Brush


  • Paper to cover and protect your work surface





  • trim the edges of your photocopy with scissors to the size of your canvas


  • using a sponge brush paint the entire face of the photocopy with Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium


Photo Transfer


  • cover the entire image!


  • using your finger tips lift the photocopy and glue it facedown to your canvas. Make sure there are no air bubbles!


  • let it dry for 24 hours


  • when dry use a damp sponge or dampened paper towel and dampen entire surface of the canvas


  • you should already see your image peeking through at this point!


Photo Transfer


  • start gently peeling off the top white layer of the paper.

Photo Transfer

  • keep peeling, nice and gently


  • after peeling most of the white plaque off let it dry again for a few more hours


  • after it has been dried a few more additional hours gently rub off the remaining white plaque of the paper


  • it is the whitish plaque that gives your photograph the used vintage artsy appeal



Photo Transfer