Today I want to share a fun DIY Christmas Craft Idea! Photo Transfer Christmas Ornaments.

I have always loved Photo Transfer, it adds such a vintage old -fashioned charm to your favorite pics. The distressed look adds even more charm – all prefect for the spirit of the Christmas Holiday! I love the look of actually transferring a picture onto a surface, even more than just glueing the picture itself.

Photo Transferring is much easier than it looks – seriously, the hardest part about it is the overnight wait!

I have used wooden ornaments for this craft, but photo transferring works great on ceramic ornaments, as well. It’s whichever one you prefer!


Mod Podge for Photo Transfer , I like this one

Wooden or Ceramic Ornaments, like these

White paint, if you get unfinished ornaments

Laser printed copies of your photographs ( do not use ink jet copies. Office Depot, Staples or Kinkos offer laser copies at a small costs – just a few cents each)

Sponge Brush

Yogurt Container, empty and clean

Paper Towel



If your ornaments are unfinished wood, paint them with white wooden paint first and allow to fully dry, overnight.

Now – start by protecting your work surface with paper towels.

Cut your laser copies to the shape of your ornaments.

Add some photo transfer medium to a small plastic empty container and apply it with the sponge brush to the face of the copy.

Stick the copy to the ornament, face of the copy down.

Smooth out surface, you can even use a credit card to remove eventual bubbles.

Now the hardest part:

Let it dry overnight!

The next day, moisten a cloth or paper towel with water.

Start lightly applying the damp cloth to the back of the copy

You should start seeing the photograph peeking through by now

Gently keep rubbing the paper away.

You might rub some of the image off, but don’t worry, this is what gives the pic charm and character!


Happy Holidays from our house to yours!