I have created tissue crafts for almost every occasion. For the Celebration of Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day I have come up with a patriotic wreath made from tissue paper and the American Flag made from red, white and blue tissue paper. I always think tissue paper crafts have such a simple charm. They are easy to recreate, you really don’t have to be the world’s greatest crafter, and are pretty much inexpensive.


Tissue Craft

Tissue Craft


For these Tissue Crafts you will need:

a piece of carton

white acrylic paint


a hole puncher

a pencil

tissue paper (red, white and blue)




For the wreath I have made my own circle stencil by using a colander from my kitchen. I used it to for drawing a big outer circle and a smaller inner circle onto the carton.

For the American flag I have just cut out a piece of rectangle.




After you cut out the shapes,  paint them with the white acrylic paint and let it fully dry for a few hours. Once the paint is dry you punch the holes throughout the carton.


Ring punch out holes


The hole puncher can easily punch holes throughout the wreath, the diameter isn’t too big. With the American Flag however you will be able to reach the middle of the flag with a hole puncher, so simply use a pencil and punch holes lightly into the carton with the pencil. It’s not difficult at all, the pencil will easily punch holes into the carton paper.


Tip:For the flag I outlined the corner for the stars with a pencil and adjusted the holes for the stripes lengthwise along the carton so it will easily represent the colors of the American Flag!


Round holes


Punch holes

Cut pieces of tissue paper into 3 inch squares. Take a square and shape little blossoms by twisting and turning it. The most important part of the blossom is that you twist quite tightly the bottom or stem of the blossom. Put the stem through the hole of the carton and twist it to the side so it sits firmly.







I hope you enjoy these Tissue Paper Crafts as much as I do. They really fit so many occasions and add an unexpected beautiful simplicity to your home decor for the holidays!

This craft is also perfect to recreate with your kids. My kids actually really love twisting the blossoms and putting them through the punched holes of the cartons. A great craft for fine motor skills, too!







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