Getting our balcony ready this year for the warmer season is always fun. I thought my usual all in white natural flower pots could use some colorful additions. When I strolled the aisles in Michael’s Craft store I picked up some patio acrylic paint to color the terracotta flowerpots I still had left at home. There are endless beautiful colors to choose from and if you don’t have flower pots at home already, they only cost around $1 a piece at the craft store. Such a great inexpensive way to add some color to your greenery.

I don’t know why but the simplicity of coloring ceramic flower pots is one of my favorite DIY activities. It doesn’t take much skills and every stroke of paint brings out the beauty of the paint. It’s actually such a soothing activity – if you don’t believe me than try it for yourself – it’s great fun!

I’m a huge fan of solid colors, but you can also create beautiful patterns.


Diy Flower Pot 2Patio acrylic paint is much better to make your pots weather resistant. It keeps the color from being faded by the sun and rain. Patio our outdoor paint preserves the luster and beautiful glow of the paint much longer. If you want to go the extra mile you can spray the inside of your terracotta pots with a Water Seal which prevents the moisture from seeping through the paint and causing your paint to bubble.



Here is what you need:

Terracotta Flower Pots

Acrylic Outdoor Paint

Water Seal

Brush, I personally prefer sponge brushes for projects like this. They leave nice clean strokes on the ceramic surface.



If you prefer your terracotta pots to be sealed , spray the inside with the Water sealer. Spray it all along the inside.

Paint terracotta pot with acrylic paint.

Let air dry 24 hours before use.


While I had some extra paint left over I painted some bird houses to complete the pastel look of the flower pots.


Diy Bird House

Diy Blue Bird House

Diy Yellow Bird House

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