Tie-Dyed Tea Towels
Kale Salad with Broiled Salmon - a tasty and nutritious Superfood Salad
  • Flourless Vanilla Cupcakes

Flourless Vanilla Cupcakes

These gluten-free, flourless vanilla cupcakes are insanely delicious. Light and fluffy with just the right amount of vanilla flavor and without being overly sweet. Cupcakes, as delicious as they are, can sometimes...
  • Marathon by Hal Higdon

My Marathon Training Schedule

So here is the Marathon Training Schedule I chose for the NYC Marathon November 1st, 2015. I read a ton of running books lately, so many that I was a...
  • My NYC Marathon lottery win!

My NYC Marathon lottery win!

My NYC Marathon lottery win! In March this year I won the lottery for the NYC Marathon November 1 2015. I can’t tell you how excited I was and still am! I...
  • Training Log 6-15- 6-21

Training Log 6-15- 6-21

Training Log 6-15- 6-21 So far this has been an okay week for running. It is Sunday morning. I’m still missing today’s run, which will hopefully happen tonight when it’...
  • Little Ocean Egg Carton Crafts

Little Ocean Egg Carton Craft

When I found this craft idea over at Imagination Tree I thought this would be such a great summer craft idea for my 4 year old, and another  wonderful craft...
  • Training Log 6/8 - 6/14, Marathon Training

Training Log 6-8 – 6-14

  Training Log 6-8 – 6-14 This was a good running week for me. My training for the NYC Marathon will start tomorrow and 32 miles in total for this...
  • Blueberry Morning Muffins

Blueberry Morning Muffins

A nutritious filled breakfast is the best start of the day. It gives you more energy throughout the morning, helps to stabilize your blood sugar, so you’re less likely to...