Ninja Turtles Masks. Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo and Leonardo!

Ninja Turtle are a big deal in our house. My boys love everything about them and love playing Ninja Turtles pretend play all day! What I’m noticing most of the time is how creative they are when it comes to their dress up costumes. They don’t really need a store-bought item to have a good time. I actually find that the simpler the idea the more they are using their imagination, and that’s always the most fun. That gave me idea to craft some Ninja Turtle masks with them. They are so fun! They are made from paper plates and are light enough to wear without feeling to heavy on their little faces. This craft will also come in handy for any Birthday or Halloween Party.

Here is what you need to make ninja turtles masks:

4 Paper Plates
Acrylic non-toxic Paint, different greens are great, purple, orange , blue and red
4 – 8 Rubber Bands
Hole Puncher

Turtle Mask Craft Instructions

Turtle Mask Craft Instructions

1) Draw the face of the Ninja Turtle face with a pencil onto a paper plate
2) Cut out eyes and mouth. This will most likely require the help of a grown-up, as the shapes need to be very precise and might be too hard for kids to cut them out
3) Color the face with acrylic paint, each turtle has a different shade of green and each turtle has a different colored bandana
4) With a hole puncher punch a hole on each side for the rubber band
5) Insert rubber band through hole and tie a double or triple knot, so it doesn’t slip back out of the hole

Tip: If your rubber bands are too short, tie two together. The masks fit more comfortably if the rubber band is not too tight.

Raphael is wearing the red bandana, Leonardo wears the blue one, Michelangelo is wearing orange and Donatello is wearing purple.