I haven’t been consistent with writing a weekly running for the past 6 weeks. Before I used to write one every week for about a year –  mainly because I was constantly in marathon training for 2 marathons back to back. Since my post My Running Lately I have been putting off my races for this Spring – and therefore also keeping a weekly online running log – simply because I thought people might not want to read my logs if I wasn’t training towards a specific goal.

For the past week or so though, I have been coming to terms with how much I really miss putting my thoughts on running into words, and how much it means sharing it with this awesome running community that stops by my blog every week. I noticed how much  love reading peoples’ running logs, no matter what distance they are training for or even if they don’t train for a race – I just love reading other people’s thoughts on their running experience.

So here are is my running log again.

Even though I haven’t shared much of my weekly runs on my blog, I was still running 5 days a week. It’s a habit I picked up from running 2 Marathons back to back. During m marathon training I tried not to take off more than 1 day per week, and I made a huge effort not go beyond 2 days off. I think in 9 months of training this had only happened once.

It always takes me months to cherish the things I learned from running a marathon – at first, when it’s over I always think “it wasn’t a big deal”, but now, a few months later I realize, the things I learned about myself by sticking to a tough training program and to stick it out no matter what are indeed a big deal!

Last weekend was a big Marathon weekend everywhere around the globe. Instagram was flooded with beautiful pictures of runners holding up their medal.

Every single one was earned, not given. I felt so happy looking at their proud faces!

A lot of things have happened on the home front in the past few weeks, and my running has helped me to push through some really stressful moments. Leaving my house to go for a run to clear my head is one of the best things I can do for my well being. At first, mile one is a bit hard to conquer, especially when your mind is filled with lots of noise, but once you’re getting into the flow, your body follows.

After each run my problems did not subside but I feel an ease in my system that helps me in positive decision making because my head is clear and I have a more positive outlook on things and energy! How could you not be addicted to this sport? It rarely ever takes – it only gives back.

Here is my log from last week:

Monday: 6 miles. A really hot morning, mid 80s. I pushed though 6 miles. Pace 9:05.

On my way back home I got to share my running path with a beautiful tortoise that was sitting on the side of the road. I stopped my run to take a quick pic.

We have only been living in Florida for 2 years, so I’m still always stunned by all the wildlife I get to see in the wide open. The other day a little bunny came jumping out of the bushes ( I got so scared!) and kept running/jumping next to me for a few feet – needless to say I don’t have pics of that – but what an awesome experience.

My boys love it when I come home telling them what I saw on the run:):)


Turtle on the side of the road

Turtle on the side of the road

Tuesday: no running

Wednesday: 6 miles around my neighborhood, pace 9:30.

Thursday: 4 miles ( I almost can’t remember this run, luckily I wrote it down, otherwise I would have forgotten about it)

Friday: 7 miles along the Atlantic. Love the tranquility of running along the Atlantic Ocean on Ocean Drive. The humidity was low and I ended up running 7 miles.

It was one beautiful run. Pace 9:01.


Running Pic

Running Pic


Saturday: 5 miles around my neighborhood. Later that night we headed out to the beach with the kids. I love nothing in life more than spending time with these 3 Boys! 🙂


Beach Time with my Family

Beach Time with my Family





Building a Sand Sea Turtle:)

Building a Sand Sea Turtle:)





Sunday: 3.5 miles . It had to cut this run short. The morning was so humid, I could barely breath. I felt like I wasn’t properly hydrated either. So I called it a day.


Total Mileage for this week: 31.5 miles


Hope you all had a great Weekend! How as your active week?


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