My weekly Marathon Training Log 7/6 -7/12:

Wow – only 16 more weeks left until the NYC Marathon. I remember when I thought I still have all the time in the world. But it will be here before I know it.
As the Summer temperatures are getting hotter, my runs are getting harder and more difficult. I have a lot of schedule tweaking to do in order to fit my runs into my family’s schedule. How much easier it would be if I had the chance to run in the early morning hours, but my husband goes to work that early therefore I will barely ever get that chance. (I’m super happy if I do, though!). So I have to roll with the punches and wait until it starts to cool off in the early evening hours. I’m lucky if by then I get to run in 86 degrees. Late last night the temperature was still 92 degrees and for the first time I had to stop my planned 8 miler at 3 miles. It felt unbearably warm and humid outside, breathing was hard. I had to give in and stop. That’s okay.
I’m a new Florida resident, so my training for the NYC Marathon will be kind of interesting when the temperatures will get even warmer in the next couples of weeks:)


here is my weekly Marathon Training Log 7/6 -7/12:

Mo: no running

Tue: 6 Treadmill miles, it was storming outside

Wed: 5 miles outside 9:15 pace

Thu: 6 miles with my running group along Ocean Drive. What a scenic run along the Atlantic Ocean. The treats of being a runner. 9:14 pace.

Fr: 8 miles to Carlin Park from my home. Love when my family is meeting me at the end of my run and we get to hang out in the park afterwards. It was still around 86-88 degrees during that run, but it felt doable. When I crossed Juno Bridge I ran into a tortoise who was making her way up the bridge in order to get to the other side. The perks of living in Florida:) 10:07pace

Sat: 7 miles along Indiantown Road. Fun run! 9:48 pace.

Sun: 3 miles. It was still 92 degrees outside in the early evening hours. The sun was stinging and the humidity made breathing almost impossible. After 3 miles I was done. There was no way I could push any further. Found another turtle friend on my way home. 9:27 pace.

Total weekly mileage: 35 miles

My Weekly Marathon Training Log 7/6 -7/12 ,Turtles I meet during my runs

Turtles I meet during my runs

Turtles I meet during my runs, Turtle


Turtles I meet during my runs, Turtle on sidewalk

Turtle on sidewalk

My Weekly Marathon Training Log 7/6 -7/12. sidewalk

Turtle on sidewalk

Sometimes I’m thinking if my fascination about the turtles I meet on my run continuous, I should seriously consider a turtle blog!