Another hot and stormy week here in Florida, not only for running. So far, September has been worse than August in this area and I really hope for a break in October to be able to adjust to the climate for the Marathon in NYC on November 1st. I had to tweak my running schedule more than just a bit this week. The weather, our schedules and a 10K I signed up for on Sunday ( my first race in close to 6 years , I couldn’t believe it when I really thought about the date of my last race. It was December 9, 2009, the God’s Love We Deliver Race in NYC.  During my pregnancy I stopped racing, but never running), made it impossible to stick to the running schedule 100%. So I will be running the 10K this Sunday in Delray Beach and my 4 year old son John will be running the kids’ race. I’m even more excited about John’s run than my own. I loved watching him running the Run for the Sea back in May, and I loved how much he wanted to finish the distance.

So here is how my running went this week:

Monday: no running

Tuesday: I planned 12 miles for today but stopped at 10. It was so unbearably hot during this run and I thought it was much safer to stop. When I was running along US1 the sun was pounding on my head and I started to get nervous that my body might get too overheated. I had a scary experience in June during one of my runs in high heat when my body was experiencing chills. I just didn’t want to push it like that again. I’ll try tomorrow one more time.

Wednesday. 12 miles. No running schedule in the world would recommend to follow a 10 miler with a 12 miler, but I was so frustrated by yesterday’s run that I tried to run longer one more time. I have a race coming up on Sunday and I know Wednesday is the latest day for me to run a long run, in order to recover efficiently before the race. It was really hot today too, but in addition the sky turned grey and a big rainstorm was about to break, so I had to run 12 miles on the treadmill.

Thursday: 6 miles around my neighborhood. Nice and easy. My legs felt a bit tired from the two long runs the last 2 days.

Friday: 3 miles outside around my neighborhood. Pace 9:15. Did I mention it was hot?

Saturday: 6 treadmill miles. No idea what pace, probably around 9:15.

Sunday: Race Day! My first race in almost 6 years! The Half-Way to St.Patrick’s Day 10 K in Delray Beach, Florida. Races here in Florida start at 7 am. We got up early, because we had a little bit of travel time and I still needed to pick up my bib #. By the time the race started the humidity was already very high. The race took us along the ocean front in Delray Beach. It was just a gorgeous view, Delray Beach is a beautiful town. We ran along the beach for most of the race. It was around 81 degrees but it definitely felt hotter. During the race my legs were quite weak and tired. I definitely felt the 37 miles I ran prior this week up to today. In mile 3 my thoughts were “I’ll never run again after this is over”, but somehow I pushed through, despite the muggy heat and blazing sun. The last mile was the hardest. I saw quite a few runners slowing down and walking. At this point I felt quite nauseous myself from all this heat.
I finished in 54:13 minutes, pace 8:50, and 3rd in my age group. After my 10K run my 4 year old son participated in the kids’ color run. Now that was fun and watching him run is even more exciting for me than my own races. He puts so much heart in it and really runs for his medal:)





Monday will be John’s 5th Birthday and he really wanted a Minecraft Birthday Cake. So later that night, when everybody was sleeping I put my best baking skills into this Minecraft Cake. This is the result. John looooved it!




Total mileage for this week: 43 miles