As a runner I always think about what races I would like to run sometime soon or in the future. I love being actively involved with the Running Community – I get to see so many awesome running events. I love how signing up for a race takes you out of the house and explore the cities and towns around you.

While running you get to know a place in a much different way than just driving through with the car. You get to explore it on a much slower pace, you’re able to really take in smallest details of a place, the vibe, the sounds and the energy. running is such a mindful experience.

I told you about my love for lists in a previous post, so this week I was thinking about a list of my Top 5 Races.

Races I already ran and races I want to run soon or in the near future. It doesn’t matter what distance the race is – just as long as it  appealing and fun.


Here are mine:


# 5  Boston’s Run to Remember Half-Marathon Running the streets of Boston is such a treat as it is. The city is so supportive of runners, the scenery of the course is stunning and the organization of the race is super professional and perfectly planned out. It was my first race ever and it left me with the most awesome racing experience. The race this year will be on May 29th.

#4 Brooklyn Half-Marathon  Brooklyn has a huge running community. Prospect Park is filled every Sunday with many New Yorkers going for a run. The Brooklyn Half -Marathon draws so many runners from the 5 Boroughs and the energy and vibe is just great. The race starts in Prospect Park and ends along the beach in Coney Island. Like every race by the NYRR, this one is also always professionally well organized! Super Fun! I always had a blast and the energy is contagious! The Half-Marathon this year will take place this year May 21st.

#3 Vermont City Marathon. I always wanted to run the Vermont marathon when we lived in NYC, but I never got the chance to. I adore Vermont’s beautiful landscape and fresh air – I always imagined this run to be full of tranquility. One day, hopefully, I get the chance to run it. The Vermont City Marathon this year will take place May 29th.

#2 Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend in Disney, Florida. I want to run this race just for my boys, who are huge Star Wars fans! Nothing like Mommy being their action hero for one day. I want to run dressed as one of the Star Wars character, maybe R2D2?  The next  Star Wars Half-Marathon Weekend will take place January 4th – 8th, 2017.

#1 The New York City Marathon   Yes it really is the Marathon of all Marathons. The City of New York puts in so much effort to make this running event an awesome running experience. It really is a major task to have more than 40.000 people running through the streets of New York City and thanks to such great organization it is a great running experience. The crowds and the energy really make this Marathon super special. New Yorkers are so enthusiastic in their support that they make very runner feel like a superstar! as a former New Yorker this Marathon has always a special place in my heart. I want to run it just for the sake of memory lane:)


So, these are my favorite races. Until I get the chance to run them (again), I just keep running in and around my neighborhood.

Like one blogger wrote on Instagram “racing in a new town is a great experience, but I love running at home, too. These are the blocks that know my joy, my fears, my worries, my hopes and my dreams”. So true, right?


What are your favorite races? I would love to know!



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