My Running RoundUp – Week Nov 14th – Hill Training

  • My Running RoundUp - Week Nov 14th - Hill Training and Sinus Congestion

My Running RoundUp – Week Nov 14th – Hill Training

I can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving!! I know we say this line every year, but seriously, this year has gone by at rapid speed. Since moving to South Florida I have a hard time remembering different seasons as it is. Until 2 days ago it was still quite warm and I almost forget how late in the year it already is. Thanksgiving and Christmas will always be in my memory embedded as cold and snow.


This week I have been battling a sinus infection, which basically has started already 2 weeks ago, but I just preferred to ignore the signs. Last Sunday my nose and sinuses were so congested it was hard to catch my breath during my runs. I think that was the major reason why I couldn’t run at any decent pace for the last 2 weeks, no matter how hard I tried, my lungs just didn’t give it. After my slow 7 Miler on Saturday I was reading up on sinus infections and running and yes, you should actually avoid running when you suffer from a sinus infection ,because of restricted air way flow. That explains it! I was so out of breath during my runs, but for whatever reason it didn’t occur to me that my nasal passages caused this. So no major mileages for me the next few days.

This year I have had so many physical issues that affected my running, I’m amazed for the entire year I only didn’t run for 2 weeks!!

If I actually learn how to take it easy on days when my body does need rest, that would be a great lesson for the new year. It’s easier said than done with a restless runner’s mind, that always needs to be in motion…


Here is what I ran last week:

Monday: Luckily I log my runs in my calendar, otherwise I probably wouldn’t even remember them at all. It was a hot afternoon run. I was so frustrated that even in November the temps really didn’t drop much for an afternoon run so afr. The early mornings are perfect running conditions right now but it’s not always possible for me to make it out that early, so I have to postpone running a lot of times to the afternoon. My sinuses felt super congested and my pace was slow. I couldn’t pick up my speed even for a million dollars. My Garmin said 10:07 for this 6 mile run. After I went home I still felt out of breath, but at this pint it didn’t occur to me that it was due to the congestion of my sinuses.

Tuesday: I really tried to pick up my speed for this run. It was slightly better than the day before, but I had to stop at 5 miles. Again I felt so weak from my lungs. Pace: 9:30

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: 4 miles around my neighborhood. I was so happy when I ran down a block with water sprinklers – such a nice cool off!

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: I got up early to get some running in. Just like during all the other runs this week I have struggled with my air way flow. It occured to me now that this must have been due to my sinuses. I went home and read up on it. Yup – congested sinuses restruct your airway flow during running, that’s why you should actually avoid running with a sinus infection. If my congestion doesn’t get better soon I will probably need see my doctor – even if that means a course of antibiotics, which I wanted to avoid at all costs. I finished at 7 miles , pace 9:54.

Sunday: It was a super beautiful morning and we all felt like getting outside. Jim, me and the boys headed over to Dwyer park. Dwyer park offers some of the best hills here in the area. There are always many athletes training along those steep hills. It’s super inspiring to watch! Of course my boys love running up and down those hills, they actually really want to roll them down…

Even though I wanted to take it easy that day I couldn’t help but join in the fun. I did 8 hill repeats and ran a few loops, which I would estimate at about 2 miles. I’m sure John, my 6 year old outdid me! Later the boys found a sandy hill – the perfect boy environment for some major fun. While they were playing on the hills I got to work on some planks and lunges and stuff… that’s how I usually have to squeeze in any cross training if I want to get it done…somehow.











Total Mileage for this week: 24 miles


How was your week?





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  1. Oh man, hill training sounds SO HARD! Haha running on flat land is hard enough for me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. sure hope all that snotty junk clears up…that is NO FUN…as a mom, as a runner, as anyone, just annoying and frustrating!

  3. I think we would all do better with taking some rest days when we thought we needed to. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. You are seriously an inspiration. With all your injuries and illnesses you mentioned, I’m amazed too that you still run through it all. And hills are no joke. Love that you brought the whole family!

  5. Looks like a great week, minus the sinus issues. I hope you are feeling better soon. It took me far to long to realize the importance of listening to my body and taking rest when I need it. That and changing up my workouts and adding in a lot more low intensity workouts has made a world of difference in my body that I never would have thought before.

  6. Great job! I probably say the same about Thanksgiving every year too, but seriously?! How is it here already?

  7. I’m probably the worst patient, but when I have sinus issues, I always take sudafed. That opens me up (I can breathe) and it gives me wings! I swear I run faster–and I found out it is a banned substance….lol…

    • I got all weird side effects from Sudafed. Just got back fro my doctor – got a course of antibiotics because it’s been almost 3 weeks now with this sinus infection!

  8. omg your boys are adorable!

  9. Great job! I hope your sinuses are feeling better…running with sinus issues is NO beuno! Still, you were still able to tough it out.

    Those hills are no joke! My neighborhood is hilly and there are some steep areas, but those hills there look like a lot of fun!

    • Hi Janelle! My immediate neighborhood is super flat though, which makes it hard to get in any hill training on consistent basis. Dwyer park is great, those hills are super steep. Congrats again on your marathon! you did great!

  10. Hope you are feeling better soon. Happy Thanksgiving. Sounds like a great week even with the sinus infection.

  11. Great training week. Hope you’re feeling better. Great photos!

  12. Hope you feel better asap! Isn’t that such a picture of mom life right there though – sick, trying to workout, all while balancing watching the kiddos at a park. Great job mama!

  13. This week has been a beautiful week for running! At least down here in FL, finally some cool weather!

  14. I really cannot believe Thanksgiving is pretty much here. This year – where the heck did it go. It’s also hard to get into the holiday spirit when I live in Los Angeles and the weather is always sunny! Ha!

  15. I can not believe it is Thanksgiving either! I do not normally incorporate hill training into my weekly workouts. I probably should, I’m sure it’d make a difference.

    • I haven’t been super consistent with hill training either Lacey, mainly due to the fact that it’s only flat lands around me, but it makes a huge difference in your running.

  16. Wow! Sounds like a great week! I love that your boys went with you to do the looks like they had a blast!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Ugh sinus infections! Feel better soon! Sounds like it isn’t holding you down, your training looks great ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Hills are the worst! But I secretly love them….man, they make me work hard!

  19. Good old hill training in flat places. Good for you for getting the kiddos involved! Happy Thanksgiving, and happy hills ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. I hope your sinus congestion is better! I know that must feel frustrating. I have the opposite problem. Mine drip all the time. And I do mean all the time. UGH. What is it about boys and hills? We live on a fairly steep hill and when mine were little, they’d get on the top in the back and roll down. Over and over. Then they’d be covered in grass. I hope you’ll soon get a little reprieve from the heat. We’ve had a few chilly mornings now — but it goes back and forth. Thanks for linking, Ilka!

    • Early morning are great here, to, but I don’t always make it out that super early, due to our schedules, HoHo. By 9:30 it’s already quite warm. Haha! yes, the hills are really no work for boys, just pure fun! Thanks for stopping by my friend!

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