This week my running was almost non-existent in the beginning of the week. I had so many things going on this week that fitting in one hour runs seemed almost impossible, even though I usually try to fit in my running no matter what. We had family in town and therefore I opted to spend some quality time with them over my running. I just thought that this had more priority. Friday was my youngest son David’s 3rd Birthday. I can’t believe my little baby turned 3! We basically had little parties and BBQs for him from Wednesday through Saturday – yes, I had a ton of Birthday Cakes and other goodies this week. Saturday morning was my big call for a much needed long run. I just needed to shake out all the sugar and way too many carbs out of my system. I didn’t plan on exactly 11 miles but it was where this morning was taking me. After 3 miles my energy just soared and I kept on adding the miles. Even though this was one crazy run. I came close to be bitten by an aggressive dog. The owner had the dog on one of the extended leashes. The leash was too far extended already by the time I passed him and the dog, so when the dog wanted to attack me the owner was barely able to manually pull the leash back. For some reason he just didn’t take his dog’s growling serious and let it come way too close to me. I knew the dog wasn’t joking in any way and I tried to get out of his way, but he was going after me. By just luck the owner was able to pull the leash back in right before I was about to get bitten. After this incident I was almost rolled over by a bicycle on the running path and throughout the run I passed 3 snakes, which scared me almost to pieces, but hey, I had 11 miles in! I was one happy runner!  After breaking a nice sweat my system felt all rejuvenated and energized again.

It has started to get really hot again here in Palm Beach Florida. My morning runs are already in the 80s again. This also means that all my runs have been on the slower side, except for Saturday’s run, which was earlier in the day.  High heat and humidity means I have to really pay attention to proper hydration again. I have been trying to really pay attention to my fluid intake but believe it or not – when I’m really busy I tend to forget to efficiently hydrate myself. Running in Florida means I don’t get by running long distances without adequate electrolytes either. Plain water just doesn’t cut it most of the time. Electrolyte Supplements like Nuun are definitely on my daily list.




Anyway, my active week consisted of many shorter runs and one long run.  I started to incorporate some Yoga in my routine. My kids enjoy Yoga, which makes it double the fun when they jump in and strike a pose:) They especially love the Warrior Pose 🙂

Friday: We celebrated David’s Birthday at Legoland. What fun this place is! I had no idea what a beautiful water park was inside Legoland. We really didn’t want to leave at the end of the day! Such a fun place!





Monday: 3miles around my neighborhood

Tuesday: no run

Wednesday: 4 miles

Thursday: 3 miles

Friday: no runs

Saturday: 11 miles Yipee!

Sunday: 4 miles


Total Running Miles this week: 25 miles (and tons of running after my boys:) )





Fun on the Beach

Fun on the Beach


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