Ever since my 4 year old got a hold of Minecraft he is hooked like almost every other little boy and his world is spinning around building houses, backyards, how to gather the right materials for a specific construction and how to survive in danger. I have to admit, in the beginning I didn’t pay much mind to it, but as he gotten more into it and I heard all knowledge he received from this game I was happily and positively surprised. It’s not just a computer game, where you fight for survival. It really helps a child to broaden his knowledge on various things and terrains. My son is now constantly observing what the world around him is made from. Did this house use brick or red stone for the construction? What ingredients do you need to make bread? I’m just floored when we’re at the food store and he tells me what you can make out of different ingredients. The list goes on and on. It really is a great game that engages a kid’s problem solving skills and creativity.
Needless to say that when we do crafts at home, my son wants to craft something from Minecraft. I think it’s important to honor the particular interest of your child, whatever that interest may be at the moment, because it means a lot to them.
So we came up with the idea of cutting Minecraft characters out of construction paper to create a Minecraft wall. Nothing too hard, really simple.
I outlined the shape of the characters with a pencil and let John stick them onto the paper. They sometimes didn’t look perfect, but I loved how it got him engaged.

You can recreate this project with any characters or theme your child likes.

What you need for the Minecraft Paper Cutouts:

Construction Paper in a variety of colors

You start by gathering your materials together and outlining the silhouette of a character onto the construction paper, in this case the picture shows the outline for Stampy the Cat. When done, start cutting it out and glue it onto another piece of construction paper, whatever color you like. Some of the characters really come to live when you choose the right colored background.

Minecraft Collage 1

I pre-cut some of the details of some of the characters since these tiny cutouts were a bit difficult for my 4 year old to cut out. John glued them on.

Minecraft Collage 2

Minecraft Collage 3

It really is a fun craft activity you can do together with your child. You can choose any characters or theme your kid is interested in.

Minecraft Collage 4

I really need to call this project Minecraft Paper Cutouts Part 1, since we will be working on some of other characters and items from Minecraft very soon. We had this idea of creating a whole wall of Minecraft Paper Cutouts, and we will be working on some of the characters and items from Minecraft very soon.

This is what our wall looks like so far. It really is tons of fun to recreate fun characters that spark your child’s interest with their own personal touch.