Trail mixes are so fun and versatile. You can create an endless amount of tasty combinations, from salty and sweet to salty and sour. Yum!

It really is great when you find a combo that is a big hit at your latest get-together, movie night or birthday party.

My kids love watching movies with their own little bowl of popcorn or trail mix. It just adds so much fun to your own home movie theater experience.


gluten free trail mix

Since I have really been enjoying gluten-free foods it was only natural for me to come up with a gluten-free trail mix that my family and me enjoy.

I really wanted to make a trail mix that is both kid-friendly and yet grown-ups love it, too.

My kids and their friends are not really big on any type of nuts yet. I guess, until they are a bit older kids are not really into eating whole nuts.

The only way I can get them to eat nuts is in the form of a spread like peanut or almond butter. So, instead of the nuts I love adding colored sunflower seeds as a colorful fun factor.


gluten-free trail mix

Honestly, I am not a fan of artificial food coloring. I’m always on the lookout for finding cool naturally colored fun food items so my kids don’t miss out on the fun food.

Artificial food colors and their harmful effects clearly take the fun out of a food for me. Vegetable based food colors taste just as good, look just as fun and are safe for you and your child.

I found great tasting colorful chocolate covered (!) sunflower seeds at Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago. The look of the bold colorful sunflower seeds literally jumped at me, so I had to take a box home with me. I was absolutely pleasantly surprised about how absolutely delicious  they taste. I only bought them to have something naturally colorful in my mix. I clearly had no idea how amazing they would taste. So yummy!

They add a nutty flavor so you really don’t miss not having nuts in the mix and their vegetable colors make this trail mix a natural fun mix.

Vegetable based food colors taste just as good, look just as fun and are safe for you and your child.

Therefore, happy snacking!


I added lightly sea salted popcorn for the crunch factor and soft organic Thompson raisins for a tad of sweetness that compliments the saltiness of the popcorn. I have found really great tasting vegetable colored sunflower seeds and gluten-free pretzels at Trader Joe’s.

Another item I added was Honey Cheerios. Simply because they add a crunchiness without being overpowering sweet and are a great gluten-free addition to the mix.

I didn’t add any extra chocolate chips this time, even though I’m a huge fan of chocolate in my trail mixes. The mix has enough pleasant sweetness from the raisins and the chocolate covered sunflower seeds and I wanted to cut back on the sugar.

I personally appreciate it when I don’t have a sugar hangover from snacking away at a party or any other event. That way I’m actually enjoying myself and don’t suffer from that eeky yucky guilty feeling of too much sugar in my system. Isn’t that just the worst? First you start picking on a food because it tastes so good that you can’t stop only to feel miserable and bloated afterwards? Yes, that was something I wanted to avoid. I think that is why a gluten-free, natural trail mix like this one really is a great party food.


lightly salted, Organic Popcorn

Organic Thompson Raisins

Gluten-Free Pretzels

Honey Cheerios Cereal

Colored Sunflower Seeds

In a bowl mix all ingredients together. Divide trail mix in little bowls and Enjoy!

This trail mix looks great divided up into little party bowls.

I even like bringing trail mixes along with us when we go to the playground or to the park for snacking.


gluten-free trail mix

gluten-free trail mix