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So here are some of my Surprises that I encountered right before or during a race. Luckily, there weren’t too many. Most of the races are well organized and some of the unforeseen stuff that happens isn’t too dramatic.

So here they are: Friday Fives – 5 Race Day Surprises

1) Weather Conditions. Unfortunately, that’s the one thing that we all try to plan WAY ahead of time, but you can never really fully rely on a forecast. During my first Marathon in 2009 it started to drizzle when we lined up, and got heavier during the run, really down pouring the last 4 miles. That was not in the forecast and it does change your race entirely. Heat can also put a damper on your race and PR.

2) Race Clothing. Not being prepared with the right type of clothing. I think being dressed too warm while all of a sudden the temperatures are rising is even more uncomfortable than dressing too light during colder runs. I had to learn so many times the hard way. Now I save really old clothing pieces  for races or training runs, when I know I need the extra layer in the beginning but it would be way too hot during the race. That way I can just take it off and toss it. The NYC races work together will Salvation Army to collect and donate the left behind clothing. Such a neat idea, I think.

3) Not enough Porta Potties. Enough said.

4) The course is surprisingly hilly and just a really hard course for a Summer race. That’s always a surprise. I have signed up for 1/2 Marathons during Summer months where the course is a difficult one and can be quite exhausting to run in hot temps. When you see lots of exhausted runners on the sides it’s never a good thing.

5) I didn’t like the Race Shirt.