I have always been a huge felt garland banner fan. If it was up to me I could decorate every room “Garland – Style”. They add such an easy playfulness to any kids room. The store-bought garlands I had were all machine sewn, but since I don’t own a sewing machine (yet!) I have designed this felt garland with only scissors and some glue. It wasn’t very time-consuming at all and you can use any kind of color palettes that match your rooms decor.

Here is what you need to make a Felt Garland Banner :

– a  few square sheets of felt (depending on how many colors you want to add, you can get them at any craft store)

–  about 1.5 yards of string ( I used some merino yarn I had, but pretty much any string will work)

– scissors

– glue or sealer ( I used Martha Stewart, but you can also use a fabric glue like Fabric Fusion by Aleene’s). If needed, hold the glued piece of felt in place with tape or pin until set. I actually used a container filled with some water, to add some weight. See pic #9.



Felt Garland Banner

Felt Garland Banner, ilkasblog.com