What would my life be without my favorite snack bars?

Here are some of my absolute favorites. I love their list of ingredients and the way they hit my taste buds:

Luna Bar
Love that name! Sometimes they are my breakfast in a hurry if I can’t get myself around a smoothie. They are great as a simple snack for energy, pre or post workout, they have an awesome amount of protein and taste perfectly delicious and light without weighing you down. The only hard part is to decide which flavor tastes best. I love them all! (Maybe peppermint?)

Z Bar by Cliff
An energy bar for kids! a stable in our house. I literally panic when we are only down to one! They are made from 95% organic ingredients, fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, even the wrapping super eco-friendly! Our entire family loves these bars, even Daddy, who is usually not a “snacker”. My son calls them “Runner Bars’, because he sees me snacking on them post runs 🙂

That’s it
One simple nutritional solution! We love this bar. They are made from fruit only, are soft in texture, gluten -free and great in taste. Great alternative when you don’t have fresh fruit on hand.

One of my absolute favorite snacks around and one I can easily share with my kids. A nutrient-dense health bar, unprocessed and only sweetened with dates. All of the protein, fat and sugar have not been denatured, so you get the full health benefits. Perfect when I am unable to grab a meal or as a quick energy booster. Even my picky eaters love them! I can easily break off little bite-size pieces for my toddler.
My favorite is “Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip” ( it satisfies the urge for something sweet without all the guilt – plus they are gluten-free as well.)