Fall is even more beautiful with a chic moss wreath at your front door.

I have to admit at this point, I have never made my own  wreaths before until this season. For some reason I was always a little bit intimidated by making my own wreaths. I know, I have a craft blog, you really didn’t think this was happening to me, but just like most people I’m also hesitant about certain DIY projects.

The key is to jump into your creativity anyway and not to overthink the end result. Enjoying the crafty and creative process leads automatically to beautiful results.

So this post is for anyone who never made a wreath before or for advanced wreath crafters who are just looking for some inspiration for their upcoming wreaths.

The list of materails is pretty short and the instructions are simple and easy to follow.



1 Grapevine Wreath

Tacky Glue


Fall Flowers and Green Leaves

Flower Wire, green or brown

Flower Clippers


Apply sticky glue to grapevine wreath and place moss onto it. Press gently.

Set wreath aside for a few hours, or maybe even a day to let it fully dry.

..with the helps of flower clippers, cut flowers to desired length and stick stems sideways into wreath.

Tighten with flower wire.



Cut green leaves and stick them into bottom of wreath.

Spread and twist flowers around until desired look is achieved.

I personally love that this wreath isn’t vary cluttered with lots of material. The biggest effect are the spread-out flowers stems and the visible moss peaking through underneath it.

Enjoy this wreath at your front door or inside your space. A wreath like this makes also a great gift. A thoughtful timeless DIY gift idea with your own personal touch.

Happy Fall Y’all!