The Advent Calendar is one of the sweetest Christmas Traditions around.

The 25 day countdown to Christmas is such a lovely idea to get all kids ready for the holiday spirit. I remember when I was a kid, how excited I was when I woke up in the morning and I got to open another number of the calendar.

The calendar starts on Dec 1 and ends on Christmas Day, December 25th. Every day the child gets to open another number on the calendar, and inside is a small little treat or mini toy. There is all sorts of commercial calendars available these days, from the classic and traditional  Chocolate one to the more modern variety that includes toys, such as Legos or Playmobil. I personally like the DIY kind the most, because it adds a personal touch. Believe it or not, your child appreciates the thought, effort and love that went into creating this little holiday tradition, and it creates lasting memories:)

This calendar shown here is very inexpensive. Most of the items were around $1 at the craft store and I filled them with little, light weight items such as little chocolates, stickers, tattoos and mini toys. I made sure that the items were not too heavy, so the baker’s twine can easily hold it. Some people hang up the calendar with nails or temporary hooks, but I decided to use simple clear tape for this particular one. The weight of the calendar is not too heavy, and 4 pieces of tape, 2 on each side can usually easily hold it.

For the materials you need:

25 wooden clips

about 2 feet of twine

clear tape

25 little envelopes


Holiday stickers for decoration

Advent Calendar 2




With a marker I numbered all envelopes 1 – 25 and filled them with one treat and added a small holiday sticker to the envelope.

Advent Calendar 3

I attached the twine to the wall with clear tape, added the mini clips,and clipped all 25 envelopes to it. Done!

Advent Calendar 4


Happy 25 day countdown to Christmas!

Advent Calendar 5


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