This is such a cute little craft idea.

I got the inspiration from my son’s preschool teacher. He came home a few days ago with this absolutely beautiful little butterfly in his folder, made from a simple round coffee filter, painted in the most beautiful colors. So over the weekend we sat down and recreated those paper filter butterflies at home.

So simple and so fun! I really don’t know who had more fun with this craft project – me or the kids!

Those glittery sparkly little butterflies look beautiful around the house and they really add such a sweet light Summery feel!


Here is what you need:

Paper Coffee filters, round white or brown

Acrylic Paint in different colors


Pipe Cleaners




painting coffee filters

painting coffee filters


  • start by painting your coffee filters with the acrylic paints



painting coffee filters


  • while paint is still damp add glitter and let it dry. We put ours outside for 2 hours!


painting coffee filters



  • once the filters are dry crunch the paper filter in the middle and twist the pipe cleaners around the middle, so they represent the antennas of the butterfly


crafting butterflies with paper filters








butterfly made from coffee filter


butterflies made from coffee filters