When I went to my local health food store to buy a new facial wash the other night, I asked the sales rep what she thinks was the best facial wash on the shelf. She pointed out to me that she honestly doesn’t use any of them. What she is using was coconut oil and a witch hazel toner. Looking at her skin I have to say her skin was indeed looking beautiful. Over the years I always heard about the multi-tasker coconut oil when it comes to Body Care. Up to this point, I was using it only in my cooking and baking and loving it, but I was always a little hesitant about slathering it on my face (just hesitant in a way that I was hoping the coconut oil wouldn’t stick to my face all day).

Anyway, to make a long story short, I bought both the Coconut Oil and Witch Hazel Toner and I was uber-surprised how well they worked.

I used a teaspoon of the coconut oil (always use a spoon instead of your hands for the coconut container, since you don’t want germs to enter the jar), slathered it over my damp face, massaged it for about 40 seconds and rinsed it off with a wash cloth and warm water. Wow! – my skin really did feel super smooth and well cleansed afterwards. The coconut scent left within a few minutes, too. I followed with the witch hazel toner. The witch hazel left my skin super refreshed and moisturized. No drying effects!
I purchased the rose petal witch hazel toner since the rose petals are a collagen booster, but there are other varieties available as well, like lavender.