Another salt dough art project for the holidays I love is this Christmas Tree Banner. It’s made from a simple salt dough recipe.

This Christmas Tree Banner is  a fun DIY Holiday craft idea you can enjoy even with your kids.

My kids loved rolling out the soft salt dough and cutting out the little trees.

This salt dough recipe here is my favorite one. It’s simple and I love the soft texture it has. The dough is not too dry, so it doesn’t crumble in your hands and it’s not too wet, so it doesn’t stick to your hands.

For the salt dough you need:
1 cup of Salt, conventional

2 cups of Flour

2 cups of Water, warm

extra flour for dusting

other material:

Twine, whatever color you like

Acrylic Paint

Tree Cookie Cutter





Salt Dough Trees:

Mix all the ingredients together to a ball and refrigerate dough for a few hours.

Take dough out of fridge.

Dust your work area.

With the help of a dough roller, roll out dough and cut out Christmas trees.

With a toothpick insert a whole on the top of the little trees ( this is where you will insert your twine through later).

Bake trees at 200 degrees for about 2 1/2 – 3 hours.

Take trees out and let them harden for 1-2 days.

After your salt dough trees have been hardened you can start painting them with acrylic paint and glue your embellishments onto them.

Let color dry overnight.

Cut twine into 4″ pieces.

Insert through each Christmas tree a piece of cut twine and adjust it with a little knot.

Put tree to the side.

After all trees have been inserted with twine, tie each tree to a longer string of twine, about 40″ long.

Tie Christmas tree to the longer string and leave about 2″ space between them.

Tie a loop at each end of the string and hang up your Christmas Tree Banner.

You can adjust the color and the decorative embellishments any way you like and whatever fit your home decor style best.

Happy Holidays!


Christmas Tree Banner - DIY Holiday Home Decor



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Christmas Tree Banner - DIY Holiday Home Decor