This is a little collage of some of my favorite Christmas Crafts. The list of craft ideas for the Christmas holiday is really endless. I usually like craft ideas that are easy going, have a great fun factor and are not too time consuming. I don’t want a project to take up more than a day. These are also crafts you can easily do with your kid. Both my kids had great fun decorating a banner and coloring a tea towel with fabric crayons, plus their own touch is simply priceless and makes great memories for the years to come. Like all of my craft ideas the cost of material is very inexpensive, it’s the love and the personal note that makes these Christmas crafts special.

Christmas Holiday Banner:

Material needed:

1 plain Banner ( I got mine at Target for $1)
glue with brush
different colors of glitter

plain Banner

plain Banner

With a pencil draw images that represent the Holiday theme onto the banner



Color the pencil drawing with wooden pencils


Dip the brush lightly into the glue and follow the image’s silhouette with some glue


Sprinkle the glue covered outlines with the glitter in color of your choice. Let it dry a few minutes and gently blow the excess glitter of the banner. What is left is just the glitter covered silhouette of the Holiday image.




Last step: hang it up:)




Crayon Colored Tea Towel:

Tea Towel 1



This is such a fun craft idea. My 5 year old really enjoyed coloring the tea towels with these special fabric crayons. It such a fun piece to have in your kitchen or as a gift for someone special for the Holidays:)

Material needed:

1 flour sac towel ( they usually are sold in a pack of 4), prewashed

Crayons for Fabric

iron ( only with adult supervision)


Start by drawing image of your choice onto the flour sac towel

tea towel 3

You will notice that it is actually a bit hard to draw on fabric, so you need to stretch the towel a bit while drawing, in order to create an even surface

tea towel 5

My 5 year old son drawing images onto the towel

tea towel 4

tea towel 6

tea towel 7

When the design of the towel is done you need to iron the towel in order to set the images (only an adult should handle the hot iron!). If you do not use an iron board, place a kitchen towel on a surface, then put a piece of white paper or cardboard over it. Now, put the image of the towel face DOWN onto the paper and start ironing the towel for a few seconds.

tea towel 8 tea towel 9


When you pull the towel gently off the paper, you will see that some of the crayon residue is left on the paper, but the image is firmly set on the towel. The colors of the crayons are much more intense after ironing.

tea towel 11

tea towel

After the tea towel is done, I washed it in the washing machine on medium temperature, so it’s ready for use!


Glitter Ornaments from Plaster

This is a real fun holiday craft idea, especially if you let your kids join in on the fun. I got really inexpensive Plaster ornaments at Michael’s Craft Store for about one dollar a piece. Β Michaels really offers a great variety of DIY ornaments. Plaster is Β a great and simple material, that is easy to use with basic watercolor paints. I love the way the plaster soaks up the color, and gives it that pastel chalk look.

Materials needed:

plaster ornaments from the craft store

water colors

glue, or Mod Podge



Plain Plaster Ornaments

Plain Plaster Ornaments

Watercolors, Glitter, Glue w/Brush

Watercolors, Glitter, Glue w/Brush

Paint the ornaments with the water colors, let it dry a few minutes. Then apply glue to the ornament and sprinkle the glitter on it.


Plaster Ornaments with Watercolors

Plaster Ornaments with Watercolors


The finished ornament, after glue and glitter as been applied:






Glitter Pine Cones:

This is of the Christmas crafts that I just adore. I collected pine cones a few months ago with my kids, and knew that they would probably come in handy for the Holidays.
I applied glue to the edges of the pine cone and sprinkled them with glitter. As simple as that. I love the glittery, shimmery result.

Happy Holidays!




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