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  • Christmas Crafts

Christmas Crafts

This is a little collage of some of my favorite Christmas Crafts. The list of craft ideas for the Christmas holiday is really endless. I usually like craft ideas that...
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Holiday Painted Flower Pots & Bird House

Holiday Painted Flower Pot & Bird House When it comes to Arts and Crafts for the Holiday Season red and white are definitely the colors that stand out the most,...
  • Advent Calendar 1

DIY Advent Calendar – A Sweet Holiday Tradition!

This DIY Advent Calendar is great fun for you and your kids! The 25 day countdown to Christmas is such a lovely idea to get all kids ready for the holiday...
  • Spider and Bats Halloween Crafts

Spider and Bats Halloween Crafts – Boo!

Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year and another opportunity for some awesome crafting ideas.  The creativity that are spinning around this event are just endless. Fun...
  • Pastel colored eggs

Pastel colored eggs

Coloring Easter eggs is something my son is looking forward to All Year! For these pastel colored eggs we used food color by Wilton. After hard boiling the eggs we...