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Why is Frankincense so amazing?

Why is Frankincense also considered The King of Oils? It's a seriously amazing oil for so many life changing reasons. Renowned as one of the...
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Beat The Holiday Bloat

Happy New Year Everybody!! Here are some of my absolute favorite products to re-set my system after all the high-fat and high-sugar indulgences from the holidays. Continue Reading →

Vanilla Crescents for the holidays!

  Vanilla crescents are traditional German Christmas Cookies. In German these cookies are called "Vanille Kipferl". The secret that makes these cookies so incredibly delicious is,...
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Crinkle Cookies

Another great classic cookie recipe for the holidays! Crinkle Cookies!! Crinkle cookies are delicious chocolaty holiday cookies. The name crinkle cookies comes from covering and baking the...
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Vanilla Cut-Out Cookies for the Holidays

Homemade cookies are an important part of the holiday season!! I'm sharing one of my favorite recipes with you today, vanilla cut-out cookies for the holidays!! I grew up near Frankfurt...
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Why doTERRA Essential Oils? Many great reasons!

Why doTERRA oils over other other name brand oils? Essential Oils are powerful aromatic compounds found in the stem, bark and leaves of a plant. When they are carefully distilled they...
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Pumpkin Pie

Hands down - pies are the best part of any holiday meal. If it was up to me I would just start with the pies and then slowly...
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