Happy New Year Everybody!!

Here are some of my absolute favorite products to re-set my system after all the high-fat and high-sugar indulgences from the holidays.

Have all the indulgences from the last weeks left you tired and sluggish?
If we don’t eat enough raw foods for a while our bodies eventually will not produce digestive enzymes and this will result in fatigue and inflammation. We start feeling more tired, have more aches and pains, suffer from “a muffin top” aka weight gain, and we even might be feeling depressed and even somewhat “down and blue” from all the toxin build-up in our system.

In addition to healthy exercise and nutrition, essential oils and high-quality supplements work as catalysts in our bodies, helping us to get back on the road of wellness, recovery and well-being much quicker and faster. Remember that essentials oils do not replace good nutrition and regular exercise, but they are the catalyst for change!!

Nutrition, Exercise and Essential Oils are a must for a healthy lifestyle, as they all complement each other and go hand in hand. 

Replace low-quality vitamins and ‘dirty”cleaners with high quality oils and supplements. Remember that not all supplements and essential oils are made of equal quality, so choose brands with correct testing and sourcing.

dōTERRA’s Digestive Enzymes are amazing catalysts that function throughout your body to promote healing and cell reproduction. In my opinion high quality enzyme supplementation is often overlooked when it comes to inflammation, weigh loss and chronic disease. Choosing a high quality enzyme complex like TerraZyme will make a big difference in your weigh loss journey.

TerraZyme is a Digestive Enzyme Complex that helps with the digestion of proteins, fats, sugars and complex carbohydrates. The quicker these processed foods leave our system the better we feel. A high quality enzyme complex like TerraZyme is therefore a great supplement and digestive aid.
It speeds up the process of processed foods and helps cleanse our system.

Zendocrine Complex supports healthy cleansing and filtering functions of liver, kidneys, colon, lungs and skin. Cleansing our liver is the most important element when it comes to detoxing and feeling great!! Zendocrine is the perfect detoxification blend to set your system back on track for more energy and well-being. Also available as soft gels and oil blend.

DigestZen Oil Blend. I used this oil blend all of last week in our family when we suffered from too-much food related indigestion. It’s the perfect oil blend for occasional tummy ache issues- it actually soothes achy tummies within minutes and works almost every time!! I absolutely love it!! DigestZen is a high-quality essential oil blend that contains Ginger, Fennel,Coriander, Tarragon, Fennel and Anise.The perfect tummy soother to help your digestive system settle from any over-indulgences, especially high fat and high sugar foods. It helps with feeling of overeating, nausea, gas, bloating, and more. Yes, you can even use it for motion sickness.  Add DigestZen along with fractionated coconut oil to you stomach area or add a drop to your cup of tea.  Life feels better with a healthy calm tummy!

dōTERRA’s Lemon Oil is the best lemon essential oil on the market and it’s a cleansing machine!! It’s a super detoxifier  for your liver and gut. I add it to my water everyday for balancing my ph-level for more energy throughout the day. Apply it to your ankles and kidneys along with fractionated coconut oil to get rid off excess water weight and bloat. It’s a high antioxidant super oil!! One bottle of lemon oil is made from more than 40 lemons!! Lemon helps alkalizing your bloodstream so in addition to more energy you will also crave less sugar and processed foods. It’s a great oil to add to your daily routine!

If you have been thinking of getting started with essential oils now is the best time! I have AMAZING promotions for the month of January including free Frankincense and $100 in free products with some of our offers for this month.

If you are ready to immediately jump in here is how to get started:

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Keep your eye out for a purple box of oily goodness early next week!

If you have any questions regarding essential oils, how to get started or what the best oils are for your personal health and wellness needs feel free to message me on Facebook or email me at ilka@ilkasblog.com.