About a week ago when I took my kids to the playground I saw a bunch of runners meeting up at the playground’s parking lot, getting ready for a group run. I had to stop them to ask them about their routine. The coordinator explained to me that on Tuesdays speed work is on the agenda and Thursdays are reserved for longer runs, all divided up into pace groups.
This sounded perfect to me, since I definitely needed to work on my pace before NYC.

When the clock approached 6 o’clock tonight I was still in the middle of doing my laundry. I was debating back and forth in my head whether I can afford to take an hour off to meet up with this running group. But what about my laundry and preparing dinner? Luckily Jim happened to come over to me and asked me ” Hey didn’t you want to meet these runners tonight? I think you should go”.  I quickly left my pile of laundry, told Jim that there was plenty of fresh cut fruit in the fridge for him and the kids in case they get hungry, and off I was trying to make this group run. The run was super fun and challenging. After a 1.5 mile run hill training was on the list. Running up a pretty steep hill. I was actually amazed they found one here in Florida, since everything seems so flat to me. It was my first hill training in a year since we moved here from NYC! It felt awesome. The group was really encouraging and I must have run up that hill 14 times. Afterwards, a nice relaxing run back to the parking lot. Running along the Atlantic Ocean during sunset is one of the most beautiful running experiences ever, I actually could have ran a bit longer and take in more of the gorgeous view. I was happy I found such a nice group of people. I would have never ran this hill by myself more than once if I would have been on my own.
I hope I will be able to join them on Thursday for the long run.