I’m excited to introduce my new book to you-

Whole Foods Bars & Bites for Sustainable Energy!!

This book has truly been a labor of love for me. Like for so many people, sugar and refined carbohydrate addiction was a big struggle for me for years. I had no idea how to permanently cure this addiction that has left me drained without energy, depleted and tired all the time.

I believe I sure was not alone with this struggle. Most people these days long for better energy levels. By improving our energy levels we ultimately live a happier more energized life, without the horrible side effects of weight gain, depression and brain fog.

Snacking on delicious whole food snacks throughout the day prepared without refined sugars, allowed me to finally quit this painful addiction.

It all started with my running journey. Through running I learned that I needed to ultimately change my nutrition and my nutrition standards. In order to withstand longer mileages I needed to feed my body quality fuel. #FuelYourBody became one of the most important mantras for me. You either feed your temple the quality foods and snacks it deserves or you crash. I have found that I needed to cut down on all refined and processed sugars in order to curb re-occurring sugar cravings and energy plunges.

You don’t necessarily have to be a runner to be in need for more sustained energy. Almost everybody can benefit from this beautiful side effect while cutting out refined sugars and replacing them with more nutritious sugars, such as 100% Pure Maple Syrup, Raw Honey or Dates.

The recipes in this book offer delicious snack alternatives that make you wonder why you craved refined sugars in your life to begin with. This book is about healthier snack choices. I believe the culprit of all failed diet changes lies within snacking. Either we starve too much and too long, which leaves to a huge appetite by the time dinner comes around or we snack on empty high sugar loaded snacks, which ultimately lead to weigh gain and therefore fatigue. Healthy snacking plays a big role in stabilizing blood sugar levels. It helps to keep you full longer and in addition, snacking provides you with energy you need in order to keep going throughout the day, instead of taking long breaks on the coach. Click here to purchase my new book.

WHOLE FOODS Bars & Bites for Sustainable EnergyWHOLE FOODS Bars & Bites for Sustainable EnergyWHOLE FOODS Bars & Bites for Sustainable Energy

WHOLE FOODS Bars & Bites for Sustainable Energy

Replacing refined sugars with unprocessed sugars was not only so much better for my health, but it was also ultra-satisfying as well. I love every single snack idea in this book and all recipes are a big stable in our house.

The recipes in this book are made with Pure 100% Maple Syrup, Raw Honey and Dates. I promise you these snacks are one of the most delicious foods you have ever tried.

When I created the recipe ideas in this book I made sure that they are easy-to-follow and convenient for a busy lifestyle. You can stack these snacks in your fridge for up to 2 weeks so you always have a nutritious snack handy or you can bring them along with you to the office.

Once you have tried incorporating Whole Foods Snacks into your daily diet you will notice a difference in your energy levels and you might not ever wanting to go back to your old snacking habits.

All recipes in this book have been created by me. You will not find these recipes on Ilkasblog, except for the 2 bonus recipes. I have reserved these recipes exclusively for this book. This book will teach you how to prepare your own nutritious snacks – fast and easy!

By ordering Whole Foods Snacks for Sustainable Energy you might even change your life forever. You might just say ” I wished I knew how to nourish my body the right way sooner. I could have profited from all these healthy benefits much earlier in my life!”

I hope you enjoy reading Whole Foods Snacks & Bars for Sustained Energy as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Replacing processed sugars with unrefined sugars sparks a huge difference in our lives and therefore quality of life.


Feed your body the nutrition it deserves! Learn how unrefined whole food snacks can help your energy levels soar!


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Stay healthy!