While most of you reading this are still bundled up in Winter Gear and running in Yak Traxs, we have already started again sweating it out here in Florida.

No more early morning or late night runs in 50 or 60 degree weather. By mid day we’re already in the mid 80s. Yes, every Runner’s paradise :).

If I don’t make it out of the house very early in the morning, my runs later on become a lot harder. My husband’s schedule is so unpredictable right now and I sort of have to go with the flow and run when I get the chance, which means a lot of  late afternoon or night runs. Of course I would love to run in the early morning, which is the best, but the most important thing  in the end is that the run gets done, right?

Since it got hot again it’s hard to see my pace getting slower. During the cooler temps the last few weeks my pace has improved as much as 1 minute per mile. It was a great feeling running without any humidity  and I will miss these runs during the next 9 months.

I’m still sort of “newish” in Florida. We only moved here fro NYC about 2 years ago. I love living by the Ocean but as a runner it’s sometimes hard knowing I will be running in this kind of heat straight for the next 9 months.  At times it’s really hard to breath, and I have to accept that the pace of a 6 mile run doesn’t get faster than  9:50 at times (and slower than that in the Summer months).

Again, that’s okay, I’ saying to myself, the most important part is that the run gets done. As you can see that’s my motto this week.



Palm Tree


My little one came down with a stomach bug in the beginning of the week, and I caught it for a day, as well. That was no fun.

I had to skip running Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I think the last time that happened is over a year ago, but that’s what happens sometimes.

By Thursday we were fine again, so my training week doesn’t start until Thursday.


Here it is my training log for the week of February 29th:

Monday: no run

Tuesday: no run

Wednesday: no run

Thursday: 6 miles plus 1.5 miles with my older son John.

By Thursday morning I felt fine again, and I left the house in the later afternoon for a 6 Miler.

I told Jim to bring the kids over to the Duck Pond in Jupiter where after my 6 mile run I will take John for a 1 mile loop around the duck pond.

The first half of my run was still quite hot, probably lower 80s, and the sun was stinging, but by the time I reached the Ocean it started to cool down, and the air was much more pleasant with a nice breeze.

John was already anxiously waiting for me by the Duck pond and couldn’t wait to join me.

Needless to say when we started running, like every little boy he wants to blast off like a rocket and show me what a great runner he is. I constantly need to remind him that he needs to slow down otherwise he won’t have enough steam to finish.

He actually takes the instructions and follows them. I’m happy about that.  What is really surprising to me is that he talks to me the entire time of the run!

I can’t believe he doesn’t get side stitches. I don’t know how he does it. I remember I could never talk to anybody during my runs as a beginner.

I was always afraid I would get side stitches and would need to stop.

By the time we went around it was 1 mile, and I saw that he could still go a little further, so we went for another half loop. 1.5 miles done.

I have to add these runs with John mean more to me that any of my own. I see how all my running is rubbing off on him, and he talks about how much

he wants to go for another race. I love those moments. I hope my running will make my boys runners. It is such a gift to have this ability to just go for a run and to rejuvenate yourself from whatever life throws at you.  If things don’t workout sometimes it’s always great to know that there is a run waiting for you outside that door to help you and to clear your head.

I think everybody should be a runner. The world would be a better place:)




Friday: 6 miles around my neighborhood. Another run on the sun. I really wanted to stop in mile 2, because it was just really hard running, but I pushed through anyway just for that glorious after-run-feeling-of-accomplishment. Pace 9:50. I was lucky it wasn’t slower during these temps.

Saturday: 4 miles late night around the blog. Even at around 7 pm it was still humid. No idea what pace, just easy peasy running.



Sunday: Another 6 Miler. This is my magic number this week. I really didn’t feel like dragging myself out the door this afternoon, but the thought about that I already skipped 3 days this week, made me tie-up my shoes. The fact that I spent 2 hours in the sun on the playground prior to this run, didn’t help my stamina, but I all I can say is that at least it gone done:):) Pace 9:05.


Total Mileage for this week: 23.5 miles.

I have a feeling race day will be here faster than I thought, and I will need to focus on speed intervals in the coming week.


Hope you all had a great running week.  People who know me always think running comes easy for me, and I have to say it does, but then there is life, and the hardest part for me is to actually finding the time to go for a run. That’s the part never comes easy for me. Every week I have a different running schedule and I must tweak my running accordingly, but something that I always keep in mind is that at least it got done!  No matter at what time, no matter at what pace!



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